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Exquisite Desert Retreats Near Jodhpur for a Blissful Getaway!

An easy 65 km drive from Jodhpur, Osian has expansive views of the mighty Thar and the ancient 8th and 12th-century temple. Nestled in the Thar Desert, we are here to offer an unparalleled experience of the rural and ancient Rajasthan. You can fully acquaint the essence of the city when you choose your Osian resort Jodhpur with us.

Despite the remote settlement, you can access the luxury easily within the finest accommodations we have to offer. Equipped with all the services and facilities, we are sure that you will never regret your decision to stay with us during your visit. Our desert resorts near Jodhpur offer a perfect blend of simplicity and luxury in one place. 

Enjoy The Luxury of Swiss Tents in Jodhpur The Swiss Luxury tents in Jodhpur are one of the best features...

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We believe that we are not just a place for accommodation but represent a unique way of life while carefully...

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Shikar tents came in existence when the royalty of Rajasthan started going on hunting tour and stated to stay in...

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