About us

We welcome you to the universe of luxury, traditional hospitality and supreme services filled with elegantly planned rooms and marvelous tents.  Furnishing a calming yet thrilling experience with an ambiance filled with tranquility and adventure, we are the best resort in Osian you could choose for your stay.

We furnish a kind of place where you can cleanse your soul and indulge in the tranquility of the place. We guarantee an ambiance that will set it your need for gratification without any possibility of expulsion.

We have developed our quaint little hamlet which is situated in a place surrounded by an assorted landscape offering you a view of the endless desert filled with sparkling sands and smiling to the sun. Making the area a popular haunt for indulgence is the abundance of wildlife and activities to do making it a perfect abode.

Luxurious yet classic as well as extravagant yet simple, we have designed this bespoke place to complement the aesthetics of the surrounding landscapes where the serenity of the indoors merges smoothly with the rustic, vibrant and bustling outdoors. Get the opportunity to weave in and out of different worlds on a whim at a place that flirts with the tradition and culture while being crowned with the taste of modern amenities.

Staying with us would ensure the best possible vacation where we believe in optimizing the comfort levels guaranteeing the next best thing to your home you’d have.

To provide the best hospitality experience to you, we have ensured that your accommodation is spotless, comfortable and elegantly decorated resulting in the best hospitality tradition we follow. Get ready to make the most out of your holidays this vacation season by booking your stay with us. Feel the pleasure of home comfort and stay in a place filled with peace and joy.

We are one of the best places in Osian where you can stay by providing an optimum choice to experience the regal aura of the land. Explore the saga of the land with a stay providing you with the comfort of the home and another world experience.