Bird watching in the barren land is a feast for all the senses. The adventure of bird watching, exploring and acquainting the charm it comes along with is thrilling and one of its kinds. Rajasthan is undoubtedly one of the bird lover paradises and with the spurt in the number of migratory birds in the state, it has been upbeat and people are looking forward to harnessing the beauty of the same.

Situated in the village of Khichan, the natural bird sanctuary is worth a visit. With hundreds and thousands of migratory birds visiting the place, the sight of them all can make you drool over its beauty. Khichan is an unlikely place for a wildlife spectacle but never fails to astonish you. The music created by the hundreds of birds in the sanctuary is mesmerizing and a spectacle in itself.

There have been times when you used to feed sparrows and other small birds on your terrace or backyard. However, birds are being considered as a nuisance in plenty of places. Also, thanks to the soaring mobile towers, we see fewer birds these days.

But Khichan Village located in the deep quarters of Jodhpur welcomes the birds from foreign lands with open hands. There is an interesting story behind it. Let us take you through it. A few years ago when a person was assigned with the task of feeding the pigeons, as soon as he started to put the grains, more birds and squirrels gathered to feed on it. Fascinatingly, a dozen of Demoiselle Cranes also called kurja  flocked to feed on the grains. Since then, there has been no turning back and the place has been full of bird flocks.

We have the finest Khichan Bird Sanctuary Safari for you that will acquaint you with the true side of nature and its marvels. Get to meet Mr. Sevaram Mali on this 4 hour tour to the Khichan Bird sanctuary.