Known for its architecture, heritage, traditional bustling bazaar, culture and the welcoming people, Osian is worth an authentic heritage walk for experiencing the historic regalness of the land. The city nestled amidst the desert was once the major silk trading route in the 12th century.

The old city enchants you and then the fact that it is cuddled up at the edge of the Thar Desert poised in an eternal battle with the strong sandy winds. In this city, myths, legends and history are as present and real as the historical coatings on the walls that parade alongside the twisting lanes and bylanes of the city.

The exquisite charisma of the Jain temples is sure to lure you into the past grandeur of the land. Explore the aura of the temples belonging to two periods with 12 temples symbolizing the history of 8th century and 6 temples singing the saga of the 12th century. Visit the remarkable Sun Temple, Harihara Temple, Sachiya Mata Temple, Jain Temples and more.

And how can you miss the Katan Baori? The small hamlet of Osian homes a magnificent Baori that is not like any other in the country. Get to unveil the marvels of the bygone times through the remains of the Katan Baori which was indeed never finished. The magnificence of the land awaits you.

We endeavour to provide you with a heritage walk which is the finest way to explore the real side of Osian. Every inch of the city is defined at par with the nature of the setup of society being one of the finest heritage cities in the country.

Subsume the diverse elements of the heritage of the city as it hides its treasures, shy, from quite village-like streets to the impressive and royal heritage. We will make you unravel the delights of the city with one of the best sunsets you would have experienced.

In the lanes filled with life and adorned with impressive architecture, explore the answers and more of the Osian city which have played a pivotal role in shaping the history of Rajasthan.