We believe that we are not just a place for accommodation but represent a unique way of life while carefully preserving the traditions of the ancient ages yet framing them in the modern equation. We offer a path less travelled and discover it with you the secrets of the land that have been long masked in the myths and sagas.

We consider your comfort greatly therefore, we provide you with airy, bright and charismatic furnishings connected with modern tones with traditional accents which evoke a profound nostalgia in your minds. Deluxe rooms equipped with all the modern conveniences which look onto the wide sweeping vistas of the unmatchable scrub desert.

With beautifully adorned interiors, we ensure that the deluxe rooms we offer are equipped with every facility which would comfort you throughout your stay. From the beds to every piece of furniture and with the finest services, we have assured the finest supremacy in every element.

Moreover, we provide a peaceful and contemporary ambience in the oasis in the desert which looks out to the magnificent dunes and the shimmering sand. We are one of the leading, contemporary and exclusive resorts in Osian with the finest deluxe rooms we have to offer.

If you choose to stay at the deluxe rooms at our resort, we assure that we will provide excellent room service with the kind of hospitality of staff that will make your stay a pleasurable and memorable one. With a wide range of facilities to make your time with us relaxing and comfortable as possible, you will get everything you expect from us.

Not only the deluxe rooms we have are awe-inspiring but they are equally worth relaxing and rejuvenating. The rooms and facilities are something which would make you forget all your worries, stress and tiredness after a long day at the sands.

Get into an abode which will halt your search for a place amidst the desert full of tranquil moments, fun, happiness, joy and adventure. Staying at the deluxe room at our place, you cannot help but only get lost in the serene landscape.