What can be a better way to explore the golden sands on the back of an animal that has for eternity been associated with these immense tracks of glimmer and shimmer? The perfect way to discover the desert region of Jodhpur historically and culturally is a Camel Safari in Osian. Snuggle up on the back of the ship of the desert contently and admire the massive dunes around you extending for as far as your eyes can see.

The dunes around Osian may not be as alluring as Jaisalmer but are clean and the desert wilderness is charismatic, making it a must do activity and what better way than on the ship of deserts the camel. We provide you with the best camping in Jodhpur which makes for a magical journey, the one unlike any other you have ever experienced.

Criss-crossing the sun during the day, getting up close with the splendid architecture and wonderful hospitality of Rajasthan and sleeping under the stars at night, sounds like a dreamy experience. We can make the dream come true and you’ll experience the finest moments of your life with the unmatched camel safari.

We endeavour to provide you with unique camel safari in Osian experiences during which you have the chance to visit the villages, explore the traditional daily life of the city, cross the alluring dunes and experience some of the most beautiful sunsets.

Camel Desert safari in Jodhpur is highly fascinating, especially when it combines the best and experienced services. Even it is difficult for us to describe the sunsets, sunrises, the golden sand and the nights in the desert which you can only experience to understand it.

The camel safari has a duration of approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour which gives you ample time to indulge in the dunes and the surroundings. Get ready for an experience that takes the heart and soul of every traveller and leads you to witness the desert life of Jodhpur wherein you can feel the pleasure of Camel Safari that electrifies you by its charismatic beauty. A camel safari in the Blue City is an experience which one cannot miss.