The culminating approach to delve into the golden dunes of Desert Safari near Jodhpur which unveils the authentic aura of the dozing villages and the primitive barren aisle of the Thar Desert. This quest would take you through the immaculate mystery of the desert, the hues of the sun, scintillating sand and the barren territory.

Jeep safari in Jodhpur would take you through a very distinct experience than the dune bashing done in other deserts. Plunge into the desert safari and grab your seats to drift over the golden dunes of splendour and serenity. During the thrilling jeep safari, you will explore the untouched parts of the desert proving you with a mesmerizing and unforgettable experience.

Osian has a lot in its treasure chest for adventure and travel enthusiasts. A Jeep Safari in Osian is something which is a not to be missed opportunity. The glimmering sands await you for an exciting desert safari to explore the world of wilderness and barren peace.

Spend time in the lap of nature where the horizon takes on you and only you remain in the tranquillity of the surroundings. You can experience all these only with a proper jeep safari in the desert. We strongly believe in the power of travel and adventure in telling great stories. Therefore, we seek to make people explore and unravel the charisma of the Jeep safari.

The jeep safari is well planned and safely organized without compromising on the fun and adventure. Passing by the forts, palaces, historical landmarks and villages will make you sense the romance of the surroundings in the city of Camping Near Jodhpur.

Through different types of craggy desert landscapes deep into the desert, the jeep safari is of duration of 1 hour approximately.For some fun-filled and thrilling Jeep Safari experience, this can be perfect fortuity for you. It’s time to let your adrenaline levels flow while you take leaps and bounds in a jeep safari as it drives through the dips of the sands.