Camping in Jodhpur would serve you a majestic experience amidst the mysterious desert with a splendid backdrop that will make it unforgettable for you. Lost under the solitude of the starry blanket surrounded by the serenity of the sands, a camping acquaintance in the land would be nothing less than a magical experience. Therefore, we pave the way for you to divulge into the aura of the Thar Desert and subsume the charm and enrichment with the best camping plans.

The world-famous tourist destination, Jaipur has a lot in its store to reveal. Featuring plenty of historical palaces, temple and forts, Jodhpur is an exceptional and popular camping place in Rajasthan. The experience of camping near Jodhpur amidst the cozy and comfortable surroundings in the Thar Desert will serve a magnificent camping experience to you. Alongside, you can delve into the cultural programs and heritage walks to explore the tales of the historic city and land.

The campsite for camping in Osian is situated around 60 kilometers away from the blue city. The city nestled in the lap of the Thar Desert awaits you with an avalanche of fascinating moments and activities to do. With the finest camping sites and facilities available, your stay can be an off beaten path. Whether it is with your family or friends, you can be assured of savoring some of the best moments of your life.

Moreover, your camping spree is incomplete without a desert safari in Jodhpur. With the best, you can scoop out the untouched beauty of the sand and the untold stories of the ancient spread. A desert safari has a lot more to offer to you than just a desert tour. Camping in the massive and golden dunes with traditional Rajasthani welcome, food and dances while enjoying the bonfire with your snacks, doesn’t it sound mesmerizing?

We have the finest camping tents available in the middle of the tranquility of the desert where you can dig into the reclusiveness of the place. The confinement of the desert and the saga of the ancient dwelling together will make it an enchanting and enlightening disclosure for you.

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