Enjoy The Luxury of Swiss Tents in Jodhpur

The Swiss Luxury tents in Jodhpur are one of the best features of our camp in Osian and are walled into a private enclosure. These tents have roll-up windows and the insides are decorated with ethnic handcrafted furniture, enhancing your traditional experience in our Jaisalmer Camp. Thick mattresses and the canvas of these tents are made of weatherproof cotton, ensuring comfort even in rough climates. With all the necessary facilities and services, these tents are hard to miss out on!

Facilities at our Luxury Tents in Jodhpur 

It is a deluxe resort dining with Swiss tents with modern comforts. All our tents have en-suite toilets, with hot and cold showers. Our Swiss tents at Osian Resorts and Camps are designed as non-air-conditioned, with all other facilities to make it perfect for your stay.

They consist of all basic comfort such as:

  1. 1. Airy tents
  2. 2. Proper cots and bedding,
  3. 3. Hot water bottles at night,
  4. 4. En-suite toilets.

Simply fold the curtains and you are in the center of the beautiful widespread of the desert bringing you more to the glory of nothingness. With us, you will experience different emotions because of a beautiful sunrise, the hummings of birds, a warm embrace, a memory to share, and love to spread. The sunset at our Swiss Luxury tents in Jodhpur is an eternal pleasure to the eye.

Why Choose Us for Swiss Tents in Jodhpur

Osian Resorts and Camps provide luxurious Tents to our guests. The Swiss tents enable you to experience the real pleasures of the mystic desert area of Osian. It will be a lifetime experience to appreciate the beauty of nature while staying in our Swiss tents near Jodhpur. Do you want to stay in a camp while on your trip with your friends?

We provide all the necessary facilities inside the private space of your Swiss Luxury tents in Jodhpur, so living in the camps will be a delight for you and your friends.

Osian Resorts and Camps have polite staff members to attend to your requirements 24/7 during your stay in our resort. Moreover, the tents are spacious enough for our guests to enjoy their stay at our camp.

The Swiss tents are comfortable and decorated with Rajasthani handicrafts. The comfortable furniture enhances the beauty of the tents. We provide waterproof tents to survive all kinds of climatic conditions. Osian Resorts and Camps give a comfortable accommodation experience throughout your stay in our camp. We provide the best services to our guests from all around the globe.

Book your luxurious Swiss Luxury tents in Jodhpur with us online and witness the beauty of the Sand Dunes in Jodhpur.