• Published On: August 21, 2020

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An important pilgrimage centre for the Oswal Jain and Maheshwari community, Osian was the major silk trading route back in the 12th century. The cluster of temples of Osian is the major attraction with the Jain Mahavira Temple being built in 783 A.D. by King Vatsaraja. The heritage of Osian is sure to enchant the visitors with its grandeur and charisma.

Osian is located 65 kilometers away from Jodhpur and is easily accessible via a road drive through the countryside. The city holds great significance and importance for the Jain and Hindu Community with some of their most important shrines settled in here. The Surya or Sun temple and the Sachiya Mata temple are a few of those which portray the beauty and grandeur of the past.

Moreover, the vastness of the Thar Desert can be subsumed completely when you are in the city. The cultural programs and the artistic heritage of the city is something to explore and delve in. The streets of the towns hold a majestic aura that will be etched in your hearts and minds forever. The city has untouched flora and fauna of the desert with a large number of migratory birds hitting the spot.

A visit to Osian is incomplete without a Camping Near Jodhpur. An Osian desert safari will make you subsume the tranquillity of the place in the vast spread of sand. In the city entitled as the gateway to the Thar Desert, get yourself a desert safari tent Jodhpur and get lost into the mesmerizing solitude. 

Camps at Osian bundled with a desert safari in Jodhpur and a heritage walk will make you unravel the aura of the ancient and majestic land of Osian. It’s your efforts to get the gist of Osian.