Discover the Thrill of Desert Safari in  Osian,Jodhpur

For every adventure seeker, Jodhpur offers much. The desert safari in Jodhpur is an experience that no traveller to Jodhpur should pass up. The Desert Safari Camp in Osian is among the most daring things to do in Jodhpur. A rare chance to see the native flora and fauna as well as the traditional way of life is provided by the desert safari excursion.

Explore fascinating hamlets and villages of traditional huts, farm activities, peacocks, and chinkaras (gazelles) on a cross-country jeep safari through the Thar desert. Our tough 4×4 open-top jeep and skilled off-road driver, “Desert Pilot,” will go on an afternoon sunset safari to experience dunes, village life, wildlife, and an amazing sunset over the Osian desert.

Discovering Rajasthan and its thar desert in Osian can be done in a thousand different ways, but the most authentic approach is to journey across the sandy areas in an open vehicle, just like the Rajas (local Kings) did.

A Desert Safari in Osian suggests you veer off the well-traveled paths and see lesser-known desert areas in Rajasthan by jeep, camelback ride, or strolling beside your newfound companions (a camel handler).

A jeep safari in Osian (Jodhpur) combines the grandeur of the desert with cultural exploration, and you can witness breathtaking sunsets while on the safari.

Overview of Desert Safari Camp in Osian

Located roughly 60 kilometres from Jodhpur is the historic town of Osian in Rajasthan. It is well-known for both the breathtaking Thar Desert that envelops it and its exquisite old temples. You can discover the following in the Osian desert:

  1. 1. Isolated towns
  2. 2. The magnificent 12-century-old Hindu temple of Sachiya Matta
  3. 3. Monsoon water features
  4. 4. Breathtaking sunsets
  5. 5. Nighttime folk music dances around campfires
  6. 6. Authentic Rajasthani meals

Our Desert Safari in Osian package includes a camel safari as well on which you can explore the vast desert. You can visit historical sites, and take in the sunrise and sunset over Thar’s dunes. Discovering this exceptional region with loved ones or friends offers captivating vistas of sand dunes, vegetation, and wildlife.

During your tour, you can also visit historic sites that have weathered the test of time, such as the Sun Temple in adjacent Jodhpur, which dates back to the eighth century. Osian Resorts and Camps also offer packages for a safari through Bishnoi Village.

One of the best features of our Desert Safari in Jodhpurpackages is our Osian Camel Safari. You can take part in desert activities like the Osian Camel Safari over dunes and see breathtaking sunsets over the golden sands of the Thar Desert.

Winter is the ideal season to visit these places because it’s cooler than summer and allows for more pleasurable outdoor activities.

Go on a thrilling desert adventure and discover the natural world by hitting the sands. See blue bulls, foxes, and blackbucks while travelling through Jodhpur’s vast deserts. There are also camel treks offered. Take a ride among the dunes, observe the sunset, and bring back lifelong memories.