• Published On: September 15, 2020

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A full-day excursion from Jodhpur to Osian, known as Ukeshpur in the bygone times, will make you drive 65 km north of Jodhpur. A four-wheeler of a jeep can be the best alternative for the trip. The journey will take you through the countryside. Whether you want to do a desert safari in Osian or explore the ancient heritage, the ancient Brahmanical centre proudly boasts its culture and heritage. The dusty and sandy winds can be challenging but are sure to get your adrenaline levels going up. 

In the city, you can visit the ancient temples and ride a camel for a mesmerizing Osian desert safari experience. You can enjoy authentic Indian meals at the local restaurants which will make you drool over the food. Moreover, if you wish, you can pack some snacks for you. You can easily cover the town on a trip of one to two days. 

Moreover, plenty of hotels and resorts are there from which you can choose to stay in the town. A well-planned trip can let you extract the most out of your trip.

Make sure that you do not forget your camera to capture the magnificence of the land and some of the most unforgettable and cherishable moments of your life. Don on some light clothes as the scorching heat can be overwhelming at times. Drive down to Osian from Jodhpur with a guide for knowing about the city through the locals. Moreover, you cannot miss the Osian camp when you have decided to hit the ancient land. Desert Camping Near Jodhpur and Osian will make you envision the vastness of the land and massiveness of the dunes and the saga they have carried along. Gear yourself up for an offbeat experience as the city holds plenty of secrets to unveil.