• Published On: July 15, 2022

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The city of Jodhpur offers intrepid travelers of various hues to choose from. The desert safari is an experience that cannot be missed by tourists that travel to Jodhpur. Explore everything the great outdoors offers by going on a trip through the desert. Watch for blackbucks, foxes, and blue bulls as you make your way through the expansive deserts of Jodhpur. As you ride across the dunes and watch the sunset, you will create memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

A Guide to the Jodhpur Desert Safari

If tourists in Jodhpur are interested in experiencing what it’s like to live in the desert, they should go on a desert safari. Many different tour options are available if you want to spend some time strolling through the desert and experiencing its ever-changing dunes. These tours can last anywhere from half a day to an entire day or even overnight. There is also the possibility of extending one’s stay beyond a couple of days.

You can even choose to spend a few days or weeks out in the desert if that is what you feel like doing. If you would rather stay in a desert safari camp than a hotel during your time in Jodhpur, you have several options available. Choose Osian Resorts which offers the most comprehensive array of services currently on the market. Guests who want to spend their time at one of these campgrounds can take advantage of opportunities to see brief performances of folk art and music.

When participating in Desert safari in Jodhpur, guests have the option of either riding camels or, if they would rather, taking a desert automobile safari around Jodhpur. The difference between going on a safari on a camel and in a car cannot be overstated.

Enjoy a camel safari ride in the middle of the desert sands.

Regarding activities to participate in during a desert safari in the dunes of the “blue city,” the camel safari in Jodhpur is the most popular choice. Keep your grip on the camel’s hump as it makes its way across the stony landscape of the Thar.

During the ride, you will get an up-close look at some of the desert’s most interesting plant and animal life. In addition, you will travel past several indigenous communities spread throughout the region at this point. In Jodhpur, a camel safari is the best way to see the numerous wonders the desert offers while also soaking in the breathtaking sunset.

When time is of the essence, but you still want to view the breathtaking Sam Desert dunes, take a quick camel safari in Jodhpur. After you have completed your ride, you will be treated to a spectacular view of the sun setting over the dunes. As you arrive at the campsite in the evening, you will be greeted in the traditional Indian manner with dhols and aarti. At the Desert safari in Osian that you have chosen, you can relax with a welcome beverage while watching and listening to traditional dances and music from Rajasthan.

  1. A drive in the blustery wind in a Jeep Safari.

After camel safaris, the most popular activity in Jodhpur, which allows you to traverse the unspoiled grandeur of the Thar Desert in a manner that is both convenient and comfortable, is the Jeep safari? Jeeps are a lot of fun to drive across the shimmering dunes and are significantly faster than camels. The fact that the Jeep safari is what brings the vast majority of guests to Osian Resorts in Jodhpur speaks volumes about how popular it is. Safari jeeps are almost always open-air, four-wheel-drive vehicles.

You can get lost in the serenity and solitude of the environment at one of the best camping resorts in Osian. To ensure that our clients not only enjoy the splendor of the city but also a unique, pleasant, and memorable stay, we have teamed up with the best luxury camp resorts in Jodhpur.