• Published On: September 14, 2020

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Osian is famous for its ancient heritage and culture that fills it with a splendid aura and charm. The city, once a major silk trading route, is popularly known for its temples dating back to the 8th and 12th centuries. Also, you can delve into the vastness of the desert with various fun and adventure activities, and not be forgotten are the cultural programs.  Here is what you can do in Osian.

Jeep safari Osian

How can you miss a jeep safari in Osian when you are here? Jeep safari is one of the most splendid experiences you can have in the city. Also, visit the finest places in the city boasting splendid architecture and ancient artisanship. Rush against the sandy winds and bring out the enthusiast in you.

Camel Safari Osian

A camel safari in Osian will take you slowly into the serenity of the desert where you can relive your stress and live the moments. On the waves of the sand, relish the desert peace on the back of the ship of the desert. Nonetheless, your trip to Osian is incomplete without a camel safari.

Cultural program in Osian

The city rich for its cultural heritage has plenty of it for you to explore and appreciate. What can be better than a cultural program? Acquaint the wealthy and vast heritage and history of Osian and enjoy a cultural night. Step on the stage, do some traditional dancing steps, and feel your soul revive under the starry sky.

Craft in Osian

Handmade goods made in Osian are loved worldwide and you cannot miss getting a hand on them while you are in the city. Craft some beautiful traditional painting and cultural craftworks created by the locals. The mesmerizing beauty will surely hypnotize you with its charm.