• Published On: November 18, 2021

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Even a journey to the desert isn’t the first thing that springs to mind when you think of nature or going on a Wedding in Jodhpur, it is one of the fascinating places on the earth. Deserts cover one-fifth of the earth, with their arid climate, lack of trees, and wild waterways, and this terrain may owe its allure to the severe conditions to which plants and animals are subjected.

The Advantages Of A Desert Vacation

The desert is becoming a great destination for individuals who need to get away from the stress of the city and re-energize, in addition to being a destination for exploration expeditions. In reality, the desert has numerous health and spiritual benefits.

To begin with, a trip to the desert is a cure-all for anyone suffering from health issues. Because of the shortage of water and near-total lack of moisture, the desert is resistant to mold and bacteria that cause respiratory difficulties, making it ideal for allergies or asthma. Furthermore, for people with arthritis, we do not exasperate the temperatures in one direction or the other without humidity. Moreover, desert plants bloom and shed their leaves at different times than most metropolitan plants, lowering the likelihood of allergy exposure.

Another benefit of the dry climate is vitamin D. Sunlight helps the body synthesize vitamin D, which contributes to bone and tooth health, strengthens the body’s immune system, improves mood, and helps fight depression.

This is one of the reasons why many people living in cold cities choose a trip to the desert and spend their winters in the hottest climates. With such a low population density, the level of stress is also reduced. There is less traffic and more space. There is more time for oneself and outdoor activities due to the lack of rain.

Rugged And Wild: Desert Safari in Osian

The roar of engines, massive sand tracks, and deep tire tracks on the dunes: a desert safari is a popular excursion among Osian visitors. Strolling on the scorching sands in a 4 X 4 vehicle, or perhaps skiing down the dunes – anything is possible in Osian.

As it is usually too hot to walk in the desert during the day in Osian, many people prefer to go on a night safari. From the city center to the desert where the adventure begins, it’s only 45 minutes by car. On this private tour, your guide will explain the tricks of driving through the dunes, and anyone with a valid driver’s license can try their hand at driving a jeep.

Desert Skiing

The best description of a jeep desert safari is a combination of a rollercoaster ride and a bumper car. Racing through the dunes at high speed, the powerful SUVs cling to the steep dunes at an angle that looks like they’re going to overturn. For those wanting a more relaxed safari, it’s fun to take a camel ride across the sands.

Resort in Osian

A Night Tour Of The Desert

Round off an exhilarating desert safari by staying at a Resort in Osian along with a sumptuous barbecue and live music, and Rajasthani dancing performance, of course. Another option is to spend the night in the desert. Nothing compares to the experience of sleeping outdoors under a sheet of stars.