• Published On: October 3, 2023

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Destination Weddings have become way too popular in the recent years. These days’ couples love to go to exotic locations and get married surrounded by their family and close friends. The beauty of the locations draws them strongly.

Though there is not a clear answer for how and when the trends of getting married at exotic destinations started, it is said that the wealthy people began to travel to Europe in the early 20th century to get married.

It became more popular when middle class families too started destination weddings in the 1960s and the 1970s. Other factors also helped such as rise of air travel. Commercial air travel made it accessible and affordable to travel to distant locations.

The trend of destinations weddings grew continuously even in the 1980s and 1990s. With time the rise of social media enabled people to share their photos and videos of destination weddings with their friends, acquaintances and relatives.

These days’ destination weddings are a preferred choice for people of all budgets. The number of locations for destination weddings has also increased many folds. Now destination weddings take place on beaches, mountains, vineyards, Desert Camps near Jodhpur, and exotic islands.

destination wedding in jodhpur

Benefits of Destination Weddings

Mentioned below are some reasons why destination weddings are famous and beneficial:

  1.   Unique and memorable experience: The beauty of the locations enables all the guests and the couples to create cherished memories and enjoy the place apart from the wedding.
  2.   Stress Free Planning: For destination weddings people usually need to hire a wedding planner, because of which they are able to relax and have a stress-free wedding. All they need to do is tell the planner what their dream destination wedding looks like.
  3.   Affordable Options: Because of the popularity of destination weddings, there are now many affordable options available for people of different financial status. They can also choose a suitable luxurious location for it as well.

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