• Published On: May 17, 2024

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Experience Desert Majesty: Osian Luxury Camp in Jodhpur

In the vibrant dunes, an opulent haven has been created where wind and sand combine to form flowing patterns. The many Luxury Tents, each with its dining tent, provide a private entrance into the enchantment of Thar. The Best Desert Camp in Jodhpur has air conditioning and spacious, luxurious facilities that mirror the grandeur outside.

Outfitted with a pair of sit-outs, every tent provides an expansive view of the serene vastness that is Thar.

Places to Visit:

Desert Excursion; the highlight of Osian’s experiences

An exciting journey over the Thar desert in tough four-wheel-drive jeeps, scaling crests and dunes. You will almost certainly become stuck in the sand, but part of the excitement is “digging out” and feeling the smooth sand beneath your feet before you can free yourself and continue driving.

a leisurely 1.5-hour journey across the landscape. The greatest way to see Rajasthan’s wildlife in action is to go on a desert safari. Within this sanctuary resort focused on conservation, the incredibly gorgeous Chinkara (Indian Gazelle) and his harem roam freely over the plains and dunes, frequently stopping to drink. We could get to see the rare Desert Fox, which only lives in this area of India. Chinkara herds sway in search of watering places. Additionally, scan the sands for smaller dwellers such as sand boas and Scaled Vipers. Easily the greatest desert safari adventure you’ll ever have in Jaisalmer and Jodhpur.  

Camel Excursions

Visiting the vast Thar desert and leaving without taking a camel ride? It’s just not possible. During the tourist season, local camel owners are hired to take visitors for a ride on the back of the Dromedary Camel, the most well-known and iconic resident of the desert. On camel rides, visitors can get a somewhat elevated view of the beauty of the Thar Desert. Soon after helping visitors climb atop a sitting camel, the experienced and skilled riders get up to explore the desert. as the tour guide who is escorting you explains intriguing information and folktales about this region of the Thar. 

More Wildlife From The Thar

We have talked extensively about how alive the ostensibly barren sands of the Thar are. The entire Thar desert is home to over 40 species of large and small mammals, 140 species of birds, and about 50 species of reptiles, despite the area’s reputation for being arid.  

The Desert Way of Life

The splendour of the Osian Resorts and Camps is situated in the middle of the desert, surrounded by a plethora of dunes. Transient beauty surrounds you. Like the duality that is India, life in this serene wilderness is incredibly tranquil and magnificently elemental, with breathtaking sunrises, hypnotic sunsets, and brilliant night sky. It’s a fantastic location for pre wedding shoot in Jodhpur because you can get some lovely shots at dusk and dawn.