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Osian is an ancient town well known as an abode to various ancient Hindu and Jain temples dating back to the time period of 8th to 12th century. It was also a great hub of the silk route in that era. Osian resort Jodhpur are renowned for their beauty. Osian is also home to various important temples such as the Surya temple, Sachiya Mata temple, Katan Bawari temple and the Jain temple.

Places to visit in Osian

Sachiya Mata Temple- it is a famous Jain temple located in Osian near Jodhpur in Rajasthan. This temple is situated on a hill. It is built in dedication to the wife of lord Indra who is equally revered by both Hindus and Jains.

Kali Temple- this temple’s history dates back to 8th century AD. This temple is dedicated to Devi Kali, who symbolizes empowerment and is a form of goddess Durga.

The Mahavira Temple- The Mahavira Temple was built in the honour of the 24th Jain tirthankar lord Mahavira in the 8th century.

Harihara temples- Harihara temples are a group of three temples dedicated to lord Harihara. These are located in the south of the Osian town. These temples have a different architecture from other temples of Osian which sets them apart.

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Osian is situated at distance of around 65 km from Jodhpur. Osian has the spectacular view of the majestic Thar Desert. It also has many ancient Hindu and Jain temples from the time period as old as 8th century. 

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